AP Article in San Jose Mercury News on Proposition 11

The San Jose Mercury News had an article recently from the Associated Press characterizing the battle over Proposition 11. The article mentions that Schwarzenegger has tried to capitalize on any potential negative opinion  in voters after the budget battle.

Politically, the timing couldn’t be better. Schwarzenegger is hoping this summer’s record-long budget stalemate will persuade voters who are frustrated with Sacramento’s gridlock. After months of bickering, lawmakers eventually compromised on a budget that satisfied no one.

After signing the budget, Schwarzenegger seized the opportunity by heading straight to a rally for Proposition 11 on the steps of the Capitol. He noted that during the last 314 California legislative and congressional elections, just one seat changed party hands.

“This is a fixed system, a system that rewards legislators for rigid partisanship and a system that punishes legislators for wanting to come in the middle and to go for compromise,” Schwarzenegger said.

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