Pitney on Economic Issues and the Presidential Campaign

The Newark Star-Ledger recently featured a quote from Professor Pitney in an article about how the economic crisis will play out in the presidential campaign. He surmises that opinions on the candidates and the economy will likely not come down to substance since neither candidate is likely to have a good answer in the short term.

John Pitney, a politics professor at Claremont McKenna College in California and a former GOP Capitol Hill staff member, said the impact of the economic crisis could fall hardest on McCain and the Republican Party. He said this will be especially true if the turmoil continues and unemployment rises further.

Pitney said the two candidates need to show they have a grasp of the economic problems facing average Americans, offer some answers and develop consistent messages.

“But a lot of the public response will hinge on a basic reaction, a desire for change rather than detailed analysis of policy positions, since I doubt there is anybody who has an easy answer to this situation,” Pitney said.

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