PPIC Polls Releases New Polls Results

The Public Policy Institute of California has released its latest poll results, including state and national figures as well as the upcoming propositions. The Sacramento Bee’s Capitol Alert highlighted some of the numbers:

Proposition 4 (Abortion notification)

Yes: 48 percent

No: 41 percent

Proposition 8 (Gay marriage)

Yes: 41 percent

No: 55 percent

Proposition 11 (Redistricting)

Yes: 38 percent

No: 33 percent

Those numbers are largely unchanged since August, with 40 days left before the election.

The full PPIC results can be found here. The report included further details on voter sentiment about Proposition 11, the redistricting initiative:

California’s likely voters today are divided on Proposition 11 (38% yes, 33% no, 29% undecided), an initiative constitutional amendment to take the authority to draw legislative districts away from elected officials and give it to a commission of registered voters. In 2005, a similar proposition, which would have given redistricting authority to a panel of retired judges, was rejected (40% yes, 60% no).

While this proposition does not enjoy majority support within any political group today, Republicans (45%) are more likely than Democrats (36%) and independents (29%) to support it. Support today is similar to August (39% yes, 36% no), but the yes vote has increased by 5 points among Democrats and dropped by 10 points among independents. Fewer than half in all regions would vote yes. Whites (40%) are more likely than Latinos (34%) and men (42%) are more likely than women (35%) to say they would vote yes on Proposition 11. Support for Proposition 11 increases as age and education level rise.

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