Voters First Campaign Attempts to Appeal to Congressional Democrats

In a recent letter to California Congressional Democrats, the California Voters First Campaign, also known as Yes on Proposition 11, urges them to break with their party and support the measure. The letter says that Voters First intends to hold any politicians accountable for providing assistance to the campaign against Proposition 11.

“As a proponent of Proposition 11, we are concerned that some Members of California’s Congressional delegation may be subject to political pressure to oppose Prop. 11 in a cynical ploy to protect the status quo and the conflict of interest of legislators drawing their own districts,” said  Jeannine English, President, California State AARP.  “The campaign will make sure that voters are aware of any and all contributors to the opposition campaign so that they can determine for themselves which elected officials stand for change and which want to protect the status quo and continue the political gridlock that plagues Sacramento.”

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