President of AARP Backs Prop 11 at California Progress Report

In an opinion piece at California Progress Report, Jeanine English of the AARP reaffirms her support for Proposition 11. She makes argues that government at the state level in California is broken and Proposition 11 will provide necessary reforms.

The question California voters should ask themselves this November is this: “is the status quo in Sacramento working for me?” Considering the state’s ongoing budget problems, lack of health care reform despite years of debate, regular cuts to social services, and a host of other issues that are not being properly addressed in the state, the answer from all but political insiders will likely be “no, the status quo is not working for me.”Yet we still see a contingent of folks in Sacramento who continuously seek to block change by opposing proposals like Prop 11 which if passed in November will help break the policy logjam in Sacramento. These are the same people that have said for years that they support the much-needed redistricting reform Prop 11 will bring, but when it comes to actually getting something passed either legislatively or at the ballot box, they balk.

Commentary at the Progress Report has run the gamut of opinions on Proposition 11, but the site has been a source of particularly intense criticism of the initiative. You can find California Progress Reports historic coverage of the issue here.

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