Douglas M. Johnson in Victorville Daily Press

From an article by Ryan Orr in today’s Victorville Daily Press:

“I bet a third of the people didn’t even know there was an election,” said Doug Johnson, a fellow at the Rose Institute of State and Local Government.

Johnson said that local issues see a much higher turnout when they are grouped in a consolidated national or state election, but at the same time people will pay less attention to the local race and the issues.

The reason for the 22 percent turnout last week in the Victor Valley election may be attributed to more candidates being on the ballot.

Seven candidates were vying for the two open spots on the VVC board.

More candidates increase voter turnout because more people know someone who is running, said Johnson.

It also provides protection for the incumbent.

“The people who are unhappy with the incumbent are divided among the other candidates,” Johnson said.

Out of the 29,003 votes cast, more than 68 percent were absentee.

“There’s contrasting trends here,” Johnson said. “Do you take the time to stop at the polls or do you make it home for dinner with your kids.”

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