SEIU May Come Out in Favor of Voters First

According to Capital Weekly, the Service Employees International Union may consider backing Proposition 11, despite the decision California Democratic Party to oppose the initiative. The SEIU is one of the most powerful organizations in California politics, and their support or opposition could play a significant role in whether the initiative passes.

The fact that SEIU finds itself divided, and possibly at odds with Democratic Party leadership over redistricting is the latest illustration of an internal belief that the union, which represents nearly 2 million people nationwide, is powerful enough to take its own stand, regardless of what other political or labor leaders may think.

“We’re large enough to take risks,” says Pugh. “We’re going to do what’s best for working people, and for our membership.” On the redistricting issue, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, along with Speaker Karen Bass and Senate Leader Don Perata, have expressed concerns that the initiative could adversely affect ethnic representation in Congress. But others say Democrats in Congress could actually wind up gaining seats if the state’s redistricting laws are changed, though some incumbents’ may be in danger.

The SEIU would be the first major labor union to take a public position on the initiative. So far Voters First does not list any labor union endorsers, and we have yet to see any take a stand against the initiative.

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