Opinion on Democratic Opposition to Voters First in the Sacramento Bee

Daniel Weintraub has an opinion piece in the Sacramento Bee blasting opposition to the Voters First Initiative. Mr Weintraub takes issue with the committee founded by Senator Don Perata to oppose the measure.

The half-truths start with the committee’s name – Citizens for Accountability. In fact, the group was formed by politicians to fight accountability, not to preserve it. Its work will be financed with contributions from interest groups with a stake in state policy who need to donate to legislators to stay on their good side.

He also had this to say about the representation of minorities with the initiative:

 The propaganda also suggests that the reform would threaten California’s diversity. But the measure actually states explicitly that any new political boundaries would have to comply with the federal Voting Rights Act, which protects the rights of ethnic minorities in the political process. In fact, minorities would probably be better off under the new rules because white incumbents would no longer be able to draw lines that use minority voting blocs to preserve their positions of power.

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