Sacramento Bee Account of Redistricting Debate

Fox and Hounds has been hosting a lively debate by three prominent political thinkers in California on redistricting reform. Joe Mathews, a former Los Angeles Times reported and Fellow at the New American Foundation argues that the redistricting reform measure has no possibility of passing. Joel Fox, president of the Small Business Action Committee and editor of the website, and Tony Quinn, editor of the California Target Book and a Rose Institute friend, make the case that this year will be the year that redistricting reform succeeds. Tony Quinn had this to say:

[The Voters First Initiative] will only pass if the public sees it as an assault on a selfish, arrogant, out of touch political class that cares only about perpetuating itself in power. Maybe they will never see it that way, but this year the public is certainly more engaged. If they have figured out that oil speculators in Riyadh are making them pay $5 a gallon for gas, maybe they can also figure out that an arcane ballot measure like this one really does strike a blow against the very people they rightly blame for so many of their ills.

The Sacramento Bee has an excellent summary of the debate and links to each of the opinions here.

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