Taxpayer Advocate Believes Flaws Exist in “Voters First!”

PolitikerCa.Com ran an article mentioning that Ted Costa, CEO of People’s Advocate, a government watchdog organization, finds that the “Voters First!” initiative has flaws that make it not as effective as claimed. He believes that the initiative would have to be amended in the future to reach its full potential.

Costa said he’s concerned about a provision in the criteria listed in the initiative that makes reference to “communities of interest” that should be made intact within a district without violating other criteria in the initiative.

“I would like to know how they define a ‘community of interest,'” Costa said.

The selection process for the commission is also flawed, Costa said, because he believes special-interest groups will stack the applicant pool to ensure that they have a say in how districts are drawn.

It is very possible that Costa may be right, which then begs the question of whether a flawed measure is better than no measure.

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