Johnson and Pitney on San Gabriel Valley Transportation

Both Doug Johnson and Professor Pitney were quoted in the Pasadena Star News on the subject of Mike Eng’s (D – El Monte) rise to the chairmanship of the California Assembley Transportation Committee. The article speculates that his rise might mean more transportation funds for San Gabriel Valley projects such as the extension of Interstate 710 to the 210 freeway. Pitney injects some pragmatism into the discussion when he says:

But Jack Pitney, at Claremont McKenna College, said the state’s budget woes made it unlikely that Eng would be able to do much for the San Gabriel Valley.

“There is an opportunity for him, but not a guarantee,” said Pitney. “There is a dark cloud lingering over Sacramento right now.”

Doug Johnson also had this to say about the methods of Eng’s influence:

Eng’s constituents should not expect to see him vocally advocating for prioritizing local projects, said Doug Johnson, a political consultant and fellow at the Rose Institute.

“Typically as a person gains influence in the Legislature, they are pushing for their local area,” said Johnson. “But that push won’t be felt publicly so much as behind the scenes.”

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