New Student Managers’ Report

The following article is from our Spring, 2008 newsletter:

As summer approaches, we finalize spring semester projects and reflect upon another great year at the Rose Institute. We give a big thank you to our class of 2008 student managers, Pierce Rossum and Emily Pears, who have led us to the Rose Institute’s 35th year. Peter McGah, Ian Johnson, and I (the new managerial team) have big shoes to fill!

We also say goodbye and congratulations to Allison Strother, Meredith Stechbart, Ann Harvey, Dan Mitchell, Colin McDonell, and Josh Schneider. I speak on behalf of all Rose Institute students and staff in wishing them good luck and thanking them for an amazing four years – the Rose Institute will miss their leadership, talents, passions, and senses of humor.

This semester we conducted analyses of the plastics industry, business retention in the western states, and two GIS projects in population growth patterns and community self-segregation. We finished our year-long study for the Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation (LAEDC), which surveyed L.A. County’s business community. We also continued our work with Dr. Ken Miller on his initiatives study for his upcoming publication. Our Kosmont team is excited to report a revised analytic framework, a new leadership team, and plans to launch a website. The Rose Institute has appointed Keith McCammon ’10 and Helen Pollock ’11 to spearhead the 2009 survey.

On April 24th, we celebrated the Rose Institute’s 35th Anniversary in Sacramento with a luncheon that included the presentation of the inaugural “Rose Institute Award for Excellence in Public Service.” Following the luncheon the Institute’s Board of Governors held their bi-annual meeting that showcased short presentations by selected Rose Institute students. Eight Rose students and eleven members of Dr. Miller’s California Politics class traveled to Sacramento for this momentous occasion.

This summer, the Rose Institute will launch its new internship program with the Voice of San Diego, a nonprofit online newspaper that investigates economics, politics, and quality of life. Thanks to a generous donation from Honorary Board Member Buzz Woolley’59, the Institute has created four Girard Fellowships to assist the Voice with research. Duties may include writing for and creating a Wiki database for the newspaper. Voice of San Diego has also expressed interest in conducting research on affordable housing in San Diego through the program. We hope to create a lasting partnership with Voice of San Diego and to develop additional projects for the 2008-2009 school year.

As usual, the Rose Institute expects additional projects including economic impact studies, fiscal analyses, GIS and redistricting projects and quality of life surveys. Ian, Peter, and I are excited to manage upcoming projects – our first being an Institute-wide trip to Disneyland. We thank our eight graduating seniors for their accomplishments, insight, and hard work, and we wish them luck in all future endeavors.

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