Nunez (again) Promises Redistricting Reform

In the Los Angeles Times Nancy Vogel has an article on Fabian Nunez’s latest attempts to reform the legislature. He hopes to put forward a package to adjust term limits, restrictions on when politicians can accept campaign contribution and the creation of a redistricting commission.

As the article notes we have seen this act before. During the prop 77 debate in 2005 both Perata and Nunez promised if voters rejected the initiative they would put a better one on the ballot. Though the Senate has passed three measures, SCA 3 in 2006, SCA 9 and SCA 10 in 2007, the Assembly, led by Nunez, has yet to pass a measure to put before the voters. It is therefore no surprise that the Governor is not waiting for the legislature to act. From the article:

Schwarzenegger advisor Adam Mendelsohn said the governor welcomes a debate about political reform but will not wait for the Legislature to voluntarily cede redistricting authority. Despite the promises of top legislative leaders, bills to overhaul how political boundaries are drawn have died repeatedly in the Legislature since 2005.

“The bottom line is that we waited last year for the Legislature to get redistricting done, and nothing got done,” Mendelsohn said. “The governor is not going to do that again.”

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