Spitzer Scandal and Redistricting

Spitzer was a strong supporter of redistricting reform in New York. A press release from the Governor’s office in April includes Spitzer and the Lt. Governor at the time, David Paterson, supporting “A constitutional amendment creating an independent redistricting commission to determine congressional and legislative apportionment. Members of the eleven-member commission will be appointed by the four legislative leaders, each of whom will select two members. The remaining three members will be selected by a majority of the eight members with the approval of the Governor.”

With the departure of Spitzer it will be interesting to see if Paterson continues to work towards reform. Having been a member of the Senate during the ’90s and 2001 redistricting he knows what goes on behind closed doors. His close relationship with the legislature may also provide the key to passing reform, something Gov. Schwarzenegger does not enjoy here in California.

No indication yet on whether Paterson will continue to push for reform, but it is definitely something watch for.

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