Supreme Court Rules Open Primary Constitutional UPDATED

In a 7-2 surprise, the US Supreme Court ruled in Washington State Grange v. Washington State Republican Party that Washington’s open primary law is constitutional. This opens the door to an expected revival of California’s open primary law. Expect drafting and fundraising to start in many corners of the state within 24 hours!

Dan Walters says:

The U.S. Supreme Court gave California a road map to fundamental political reform Tuesday, if it’s willing to take it, by approving Washington state’s new version of the blanket primary election.
The result could be a Legislature that’s less robotic, less beholden to internal party factions, more moderate and more oriented toward making policy rather than playing partisan and ideological games, as we’re seeing now on the budget.

Over at the Flashreport, Steve Baric, President of the California Republican Lawyers Association, has a slightly different opinion:

The Court’s decision in Washington State Grange v. Washington State Republican Party was a major victory for all with an agenda to blunt the ability of political parties to endorse and advocate their own candidates. The consequences of this decision are far reaching. Initially, the decision will infringe on political parties fundamental right to associate with candidates of their own choosing. Just as concerning is the fact that a Washington style primary will have the effect of squelching certain political views from the general election because several parties will not be represented.

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