Steven Maviglio Attacks Common Cause

On the California Majority Report Speaker Nunez’ spokesman Steven Maviglio criticized Common Cause and their Democratic allies on the Voters First redistricting initiative. Maviglio promises a critique of the initiative’s “problems” in the future, while focusing his current criticism on the initiative’s funders: “If you go to the Secretary of State’s website,, you’ll see a list of $100,000 plus contributors. The same people that Common Cause used to rail against.”

Common Cause has been working on redistricting reform in California and in other states for decades. It is outlined as a goal on their national website. Many Democrats have supported redistricting reform including two bills (SCA 3 and SCA 10) that passed the State Senate. The real question is not why this bi-partisan group has gotten together to solve a state problem, but why legislative leaders who promised reform years ago have not yet signed on?

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