Roy Ashburn Proposes Reform

Senator Ashburn proposed a Constitutional Amendment to lump a number of political reforms, including redistricting, into one package. Sen. Ashburn has been a long advocate of redistricting reform and was an author of SCA 3 in 2006, the reform measure that passed the Senate but was held up in the Assembly. The LA Times article has a summary of the bill; see the relevant potion below:

* Repeal legislative term limits, but not until 2016. Any benefit to current legislators would be diluted and delayed far into the future.* Strip the Legislature of its power to draw district maps, a flagrant conflict of interest. An independent citizens commission would do the post-census redistricting once a decade.

* Require that any campaign contribution to a legislator or the governor at the height of Capitol wheeling-dealing — during budget bargaining and the final month of the legislative session — be reported within 24 hours.

* Hold back the legislators’ pay if they don’t pass a budget by July 1, start of the new fiscal year.

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