Ritika Puri, Incoming Rose Institute Student Manager, In Wall Street Journal

After spring break, Claremont McKenna College junior Ritika Puri will be moving up from her position as the manager of our Kosmont-Rose Cost of Doing Business Survey to being the next student manager of the entire Rose Institute. We are happy to report that she has also received recognition for her equally excellent work outside the Rose Institute last summer. From Anjali Athavaley’s article in the Wall Street Journal:

Ritika Puri

Last summer, Ritika Puri, a 21-year-old junior and literature major at Claremont McKenna, wanted an internship related to social and economic development in India. She was particularly interested in exploring the relationship between socioeconomic status and access to education and health-care facilities. Rather than look for an established internship, “I was really interested in designing my own,” says Ms. Puri.

Ms. Puri contacted Adharshila, an organization in New Delhi that assists about 400 residents in a local slum, through a family friend. She was hired to assess Adharshila’s existing programs and help choose new initiatives for the organization. She went door-to-door to ask residents what services they needed the most. People said they wanted better access to health care and better tutoring services for children, she says. She obtained a $500 donation, which she used to buy school supplies for 100 children. She also helped start a health center, which receives about 20 patients a day. “My role just sort of grew while on the job,” she says.

See Ritika’s previous post on the Kosmont-Rose Cost of Doing Business Survey she managed.

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