Maryland Redistricting

The Capitol Editorial Board recently published an opinion peice on Maryland’s redistricting that sounds very familiar to what we have seen in other states, including California:

“When Maryland’s political powers-that-be gathered behind closed doors in 1992 and again in 2002 to draw new political districts, they carved up Anne Arundel County like a Christmas turkey.Once this agreeable land by the bay was represented in Congress by one loud voice. Now, as we were painfully reminded once again during this month’s primary elections, local voters are spread over four congressional districts whose outlines suggest a Rorschach blot.”

“Other states have taken up the issue over the years, trying to find ways to achieve equally populated congressional districts that are compact, geographically contiguous, incorporate existing jurisdictional lines, and aren’t drawn exclusively with an eye toward party registration.

Marylanders might want to cast an eye toward the Virginia General Assembly. There, a bill has already cleared the state Senate that would create a joint redistricting panel appointed by both Democratic and Republican leaders. Their recommendations would then go to the full legislature for approval.”

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