End-O-Year Redistricting Mentions

Whether looking forward or looking backward, redistricting came up a few times around the first of the year.

Press-Enterprise Enterprise editorial:

—Redistricting reform. Letting the Legislature draw political districts serves politicians, not voters. Legislators focus on self-protection and partisan gain, at the expense of representative democracy. Taking reapportionment out of the politicians’ hands and giving it to an independent body would result in more competitive districts and a Legislature less prone to partisan extremes.

Steven Maviglio at the California Majority Report:

In: Good Government Groups That Haven’t Sold Out Common Cause, Out: Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer RightsTo promote a flawed redistricting plan, Common Cause slips in bed with special interests that have donated unlimited funds to the Governor’s campaigns (remember when Common Cause actually fought FOR campaign finance reform?) . . .

Jim Boren hands out year-end awards in the The Modesto Bee:

Big Fat Liars: This category had a lot of nominees, but California Assembly Speaker Fabián Núñez and Senate President Pro Tem Don Perata get this year’s Jimbos for promising to put a redistricting reform measure on the ballot. They lied.

Los Angeles Daily News editorial:

So, what were state pols doing in 2007, besides figuring out how to spend the raises on their six-figure salaries and passing a budget that doesn’t pencil out? They were busy not solving the bigger issues in front of them, most notably health-care reform and political redistricting.

Dan Walters says:

So there we have it — a worsening budget crisis, a botched health care plan, a continuing stalemate on water development and no action on myriad other issues, such as the much-ballyhooed reform of legislative redistricting.

Article by Michelle Locke of the Associated Press in the Mercury News:

Politically, it was a year of mostly misfires with no new water policy and no redistricting reform emanating from Sacramento.

Dan Schnur on the Flashreport:

Schwarzenegger has other priorities to accomplish this year as well. It’s clear he’s interested in playing some type of role in the presidential election, and he has not yet given up on possible ballot measures on water policy, transportation, and redistricting.

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