Ronald C. Moe ’59 Collection Donated to the Rose Institute of State and Local Government

The Rose Institute of State and Local Government is proud to announce that the published writings and unpublished notes of one of America’s foremost experts on American government, Dr. Ronald C. Moe, have been donated to the Rose Institute by his wife of 35 years, Grace Moe of Washington, D.C.

A native of San Diego, Dr. Moe was an alumnus of what was then Claremont Men’s College, receiving a bachelor’s degree at CMC in 1959. He proceeded to earn a master’s degree and doctorate from Columbia University in 1961 and 1968, respectively.

After service in the U.S. Army Reserve as an intelligence officer, university-level teaching, and three years with the Executive Office of the President, Dr. Moe joined the Congressional Research Service (CRS) within the Library of Congress in 1973 as an analyst in American government. He was ultimately promoted to specialist in government organization and management at the senior level.

During his career, Dr. Moe provided high-level policy analysis to members and committees of Congress, as well as senior congressional staff. He was also the author of more than 300 reports and confidential memoranda. Dr. Moe retired in 2002, but continued to provide advice and mentoring to newly appointed staff members until 2008. He was a member of the Cosmos Club of Washington, D.C., a Fellow of the National Academy of Public Administration, and the author or editor of eight books and more than 50 articles for scholarly publications.

Many of Dr. Moe’s reports for the Congressional Research Service can be found online at and The donation of Dr. Moe’s other writings includes his books, speeches, congressional testimony, scholarly articles, and unpublished class notes. Topics of these writings include a proposed Office of Federal Management, reinventing government, voter participation, government corporations, and government-sponsored enterprises, presidential management, the Electoral College, and public administration more generally. Dr. Moe’s books and other publications have been made available to Rose Institute students and other interested parties as part of the Leroy Hardy Memorial Library in and adjacent to Kravis Center Room 437. Dr. Moe’s speeches and class notes are stored in the Institute. Researchers interested in items in the collection should contact Marionette Moore at to make arrangements for viewing.

After retirement, Dr. Moe pursued his personal interest in imperial Russian history and authored Prelude to the Revolution: The Murder of Rasputin, also available in the collection. He passed away in 2011.

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