Redistricting Process: Single At-Large District
Population Change (since 2000): 16,914
Legislature: Democratic Seats: 1
Governor: Peter Shumlin (D) Members of Congress: 1D
Party Control: Democratic 2012: 67% Obama, 31.2% Romney

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At-Large District

Redistricting Analysis: Vermont

The population of Vermont, as of the 2010 census, is 625,741 people. This means that Vermont’s population grew by just 2.8% between 2000-2010. The growth hasn’t picked up. In 2012, the population was estimated as being 626,011.

The state continues to be heavily dominated by Caucasians. White persons make up 94.2% of the state, African Americans 1.1%, American Indian and Alaska Native persons 0.4%, Asians 1.4%, and Hispanics or Latinos 1.6%. The state been represented by a single at-large district since 1933. Interestingly, between 1813 and 1821, the state had significantly more political clout with 6 seats.

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