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Tough Start for the Inland Empire’s Newest Cities

Following the passage of SB 89 in 2011, the four newly incorporated cities of Jurupa Valley, Menifee, Eastvale, and Wildomar in Riverside County faced drastic cuts in state funding. The vehicle license fee (VLF) revenue expected from the state was reallocated elsewhere, leaving considerable gaps in municipal budget plans. For the 2012-2013 fiscal year, these… Continue Reading

San Bernardino: Two Years into Bankruptcy

Facing $296 million of unfunded liabilities, a $45 million budget shortfall, and depleted general fund reserves, San Bernardino filed for Chapter 9 bankruptcy on August 1, 2012. The city sought protection from its creditors while it developed recovery plans in hope of achieving financial stability. In our Fall 2012 issue we examined the factors that… Continue Reading

San Diego PAC Fined $7,500 for Violating Campaign Disclosure Laws

The San Diego Ethics Commission levied a $7,500 fine on political action committee, Conservatives for Gay Rights Supporting Carl DeMaio for Mayor 2012, for failing to follow campaign disclosure laws. The missing information included the names of the committee’s principal officers, a valid street address, and expenditure records during the 2012 mayoral election. The group… Continue Reading

Fraud Found in Taxpayer-Funded Rehabilitation Clinics

A joint investigative effort by CNN and the Center for Investigative Reporting (CIR) recently revealed fraud in a number of California’s tax-payer-funded drug rehab clinics. The investigation uncovered financial fraud, misreporting, insufficient oversight, and poor hiring practices at some of the clinics, which are funded by Medi-Cal, part of the federal Medicaid health care system.… Continue Reading

A Revobluetion: The Inland Empire’s New Political Geography

Written by Daniel Shane ’13 The political landscape in the Inland Empire is turning blue. Once solidly Republican, like Orange County and San Diego, the region’s political shift reflects rapid growth and demographic changes over the past decade. The Inland Empire’s population grew by almost one million between 2000 and 2010 and Latinos made up… Continue Reading

2013 City of Glendale Election Results

Listed below are results from the 2013 City of Glendale election. Click here to download an Excel version of the data. Absentee Data [scribd id=133974191 key=key-1322uejzdiu7tyb4qbpy mode=scroll] Poll Data [scribd id=133978122 key=key-lodzdo1vzf3krjme5lk mode=scroll] Combined Data [scribd id=133978123 key=key-rypg3zpw52ujv0hedsf mode=scroll] Sum Totals [scribd id=133978121 key=key-12enu5h6bpwq30zeezmo mode=scroll] Map View Larger Map Continue Reading

Councils of Government: SANBAG and SCAG

By David Tse ’15 In recent years, the prized example of economic innovation, California, has fallen by the wayside, burdened by onerous regulation and partisan government. California, which rose so brilliantly in the 1950s and 60s, has run billion-dollar deficits for over ten years in a seemingly permanent fiscal crisis. While the state continues to… Continue Reading