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Federalism: Barriers to the Border Wall and Sanctuary Jurisdictions

Ellen Lempres ’18 and Caroline Peck ’18 have continued the Rose Institute’s federalism series with two new pieces: “Federalism: Sanctuary Jurisdictions” and “Federalism: Barriers to the Border Wall.” “Federalism: Sanctuary Jurisdictions” discusses the history and current political debate surrounding sanctuary jurisdictions. As President Trump approaches his hundredth day in office, he remains staunch in his… Continue Reading

The 21st Kosmont Cost of Doing Business Survey

On November 14, 2016, the Rose Institute, in collaboration with Kosmont Companies, released its 21st edition of the annual Kosmont-Rose Institute Cost of Doing Business Survey. This survey profiles 305 cities in California and the Western United States, analyzing business fees and taxes, economic opportunity, and relative area costs. The report also includes an Executive… Continue Reading

Rose Review Fall 2016

The Rose Institute of State and Local Government at Claremont McKenna College has released the Fall 2016 Edition of the Rose Review. This publication features the Director’s Report from Andrew E. Busch, PhD, the Student Managers Update from Tim Plummer ’17 and Tyler Finn ’17, and includes Project Updates from Rose Research Assistants. The issue… Continue Reading

The Rose Institute Introduces the Fall 2016 Inland Empire Outlook

The Rose Institute is pleased to introduce the Fall 2016 edition of the Inland Empire Outlook. This issue includes articles highlighting the new Rose Institute Video Voter Series, renewable energy in California, the local control funding formula in Riverside County, and bilingual education in the Inland Empire. The publication features research articles written by Timothy… Continue Reading

The Rose Institute Releases the 2016 Video Voter Series

October 3, 2016 The Rose Institute of State and Local Government at Claremont McKenna College today released “Video Voter: A Guide to California’s Ballot Measures.” This year, California voters are faced with 17 statewide measures on issues including abolition of the death penalty, legalization of marijuana, a $2 increase in the cigarette tax, and a… Continue Reading

Federalism in the 2016 Election

FEDERALISM IN THE 2016 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION             The balance between the powers of the federal government and those of the states has been a matter of contention since the Constitutional Convention. Article IV, Paragraph 2, of the Constitution, referred to as the Supremacy Clause, established that federal laws and statutes hold precedence over state laws… Continue Reading

A Luncheon with California Treasurer John Chiang

California Treasurer John Chiang spoke with assembled students and faculty in a luncheon discussion, jointly hosted by the Rose Institute of State and Local Government and the Kravis Leadership Institute, on April 23, 2016. Mr. Chiang was the California State Controller from 2007 to 2015 and a member of the California Board of Equalization from… Continue Reading