Board of Governors

From the beginning, the Rose Institute was fortunate to have the guidance of a strong Board of Governors. Edessa Rose, Jon Lovelace, Billy Mills, and Mildred Younger were among the first members of the Board under the chairmanship of Robert Finch. Later chairs — Don Henriksen, Bob Howard, Brandy Birtcher, Al Lunsford, Darryl Wold, and presently Ray Remy — have presided over equally distinguished groups.

Early Rose students work on redistricting maps

The Board of Trustees and the administration of Claremont McKenna have always given strong support to the academic freedom of the Institute and its researchers. Despite the controversial character of some research — for example, the work on redistricting reform, which was heavily opposed by various politicians, and on Orange County’s finances, which was sharply contested by County officials — the president and trustees have stood behind our work.

The director of the Rose Institute reports to the Vice President of Research at Claremont McKenna College. Several distinguished individuals have held this position: Dixon Arnett, Jim Jamieson, Don Henriksen, Mark Blitz, and Jerome Garris. The administration of the Institute itself has involved Dr. Florence Adams, Professor George Blair, Dr. Alan Heslop, Dr. Thomas B. Hofeller, Professor Helene Smookler, and Dr. Ralph Rossum.

Chairman – Raymond Remy ’59, President, R.R. Consulting

Vice-Chair – William T. Fujioka, Chief Executive Officer, Los Angeles County (Retired)

Vice-Chair – Ryder Todd Smith ’96, President, Tripepi Smith


W. Richard Cramer ’53, Star Milling Company

The Hon. Rex Heeseman, Los Angeles County Superior Court (Retired)

The Hon. Robert M. Hertzberg, State Senator (California District 18)

Robert W. Howard ’55, former Chairman, Howard & Howard, Inc.

Marguerite M. Leoni, Partner, Nielsen, Merksamer, Parrinello, Gross & Leoni, LLP

T. Anthony Quinn, Co-Editor, California Target Book

Richard J. Romero ’89, President, Oremor Management and Investment Company

Christopher E. Skinnell ’99, Partner, Nielsen Merksamer

Christopher J. Townsend ’82, President, Townsend Public Affairs, Inc.

Frank G. Tripepi P’96, Senior Vice President, Willdan Group, Inc.

Robert L. Walker ’64, President & CEO, Walker Foods, Inc.

Scott L. Woolley ’92

Darryl R. Wold – Attorney at Law


Hiram Chodosh, President, Claremont McKenna College

Shana Levin, Associate Dean of the Faculty, Claremont McKenna College

Andrew E. Busch, Director, Rose Institute of State & Local Government

Jacinth K. Sohi ’11 – President, Rose Institute Society


Jack L. Stark ’57, President Emeritus, Claremont McKenna College

Buzz Woolley ’59, President, Girard Capital, Inc.


D. Alan Heslop, Director Emeritus, Rose Institute

Last update: June 6, 2017